Learn To Kick, Knee, Elbow And Punch With Our Kickboxing Classes

Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced Students Welcome

Passed down from generation to generation, Striking Based Martial Arts have been a major part of peoples’ physical and spiritual lives for centuries. At 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu San Mateo, we use those same time-honored traditions, techniques and styles to help people of all ages and experience levels get in shape, gain confidence, lose the stress, learn self defense and create lasting relationships through hands-on training.

Led by professional Muay Thai, kick boxing, and boxing instructor Kenya Prach, each of our fun, structured and engaging courses teaches students reliable and effective Striking techniques to help you achieve inner strength, life balance and calming peace.

Hands-On Training, Instruction And Guidance

10th Planet San Mateo’s kick boxing program was created to help martial arts students find strength, confidence and motivation to overcome any challenges that life sends their way.

San Mateo Kickboxing Classes

Utilizing world-renown Muay Thai, Boxing and Kick Boxing, we challenge our students physically and mentally to expand their fitness, knowledge and striking skills so they can attain desired goals both in and outside of our facility.

These Classes, While Challenging, Help Students

  • Excel physically with improved stamina, core strength, and toned muscles
  • Burn body fat and help fortify weight loss goals
  • Gain the confidence needed to defense themselves with reliable techniques
  • Find improved focus and clarity at home, work or school
  • Create new relationships at our facility and out in the world
  • Reach their goals both on and off the mat

San Mateo Kickboxing Program

Accept The 10th Planet San Mateo Kick Boxing Challenge!

Choose to take part in our kick boxing training for adults and start building your striking skills, fitness levels, confidence and self-defense capabilities. Everyone deserves to feel safe and confident from the moment they wake up in the morning. Let us inspire you to reach new heights by providing you with quality training that builds your strength, fortitude and mental toughness; all so you can protect yourself if the time comes.


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Ready To Start Your Intro Session?